Freedom University Goes to the Beach!


This past weekend, Freedom University staff and students participated in our first Leadership Retreat in Florida. For several students, it was their first time out of the state of Georgia since they arrived in the United States. One had never been to a beach. But we decided that after a difficult year marked by uncertainty and fear, we deserved to take a short break from our daily jobs and responsibilities, and spend some time dedicated to healing and rest. 

The weekend was filled with laughter, and we grew in our love and respect for one another. In addition to strategy sessions and organizing training for the upcoming year, students also spent time making pancakes together, playing with little clams on the beach, and swimming after schools of fish in the ocean. For a few days, we ignored the news headlines, and were able to focus on taking care of each other as a beloved community. 

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Group Beach Retreat
Group Breakfast
Seashells on the beach
Leadership Training
Smiles on the beach
Laura Soltis