Our First Office!


Thanks to the generosity of a donor from New England, Freedom University is opening its first office in Atlanta! With a modest office furniture budget, students and staff went to a certain Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture store to select our new desks and chairs.

In classic Freedom University style, we turned a chore into a celebration, and had a furniture building party :) The students love working and laughing together, so within a couple hours, we were up and running!

With all of the trauma and triggers in the news, it's easy to retreat into isolation. And perhaps that is the intended result. But as one student recently said, "We can either cry alone or we can build something together."

And even if it's just a tiny office with a funny green rug that looks like grass, we are building our own little sanctuary.

Thank you for your continued love and support, from all of us.

Laura Soltis