Brotherly Love


At Freedom University, we often highlight the importance of women in movements and in our organization. Freedom University was founded largely by women, 75% of our students are women, and the majority of our staff, faculty, and volunteers are women. 

However, the men of Freedom University are pretty dope too. We create a learning environment in which we welcome and nourish the development of everyone's full human potential and personality, free of homophobia, transphobia, and all other fears based on difference. Men are encouraged to respect and trust women, unlearn patriarchy, and open themselves emotionally to the world in order to take on equal emotional labor in all of their relationships. And our male teachers take their responsibility as mentors and role models seriously: as sons, brothers, husbands, partners, fathers, and educators. Yesterday, for example, Professor James taught an entire College Prep class on careers in the Biomedical Sciences with his 8-month old infant in his arms. 

Gender equity is not only about lifting up women. It is also about liberating men from narrow and oppressive gender roles, and allowing them to know and express their full selves. 

This is what freedom looks like at Freedom University.

Laura Soltis