Mental Health Program

You Are Not Alone

Freedom University students often testify that the most transformative part of being a part of the Freedom University community is that they realize they are not alone: they are not alone in their experience of migration, of living a life in the shadows, or in struggling to cope with the daily stresses of living as an undocumented immigrant. We define mental health not as happiness, but as the ability to cope with the stresses and challenges of being human. Mental health counselors can be invaluable allies in helping individuals learn to develop and practice healthy coping strategies, but the vast majority of undocumented immigrants lack basic health care. Students share that there is often a stigma related to mental health treatment in the immigrant community that deters them from seeking help. Freedom University fills this gap by providing our current students with access to our network of trained mental health professionals. Dr. Carissa Balderas, Freedom University's Mental Health Program Coordinator, is an expert on undocumented student access to mental healthcare and works to match students seeking treatment with a counselor who meets their specific needs.